What is the best mouthwash to use

What Is The Best Mouthwash?

Using a good mouthwash is a crucial part of an oral hygiene procedure.

There are tons of mouth rinses out there and it is very difficult to choose the correct one.

Cosmetic rinses control bad breath. Therapeutic mouthrinses provide long lasting bacterial reduction and can be used for conditions such as receding gums, gingivitis, dry mouth and plaque build up.

They are available over the counter or by prescription. It is best to chat to your dentist and he/she can advice on the best mouthrinse for your specifications.

The pioneering work of Sir Joseph Lister changed the way people performed surgery. It is still a basic requirement to use an antiseptic liquids before surgery and to adhere to standards of cleanliness. Listerine is one of the most famous brands of mouthwash but it may not be suited for everyone.

Below are some great alternatives.

Below are the best mouthwashes to use:


Our Oral Hygienist recommends that you use the following three non-alcohol mouthwashes:

  • Listerine Zero
  • Colgate Totalcare
  • Treet It Tea Tree Oil 

You can buy this at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic or any Clicks or Dischem store.

Below are some tips when it comes to mouthwashes:

  • Regular mouth rinsing with a mouthwash helps to keep your mouth germ free, clean and fresh.
  • Daily rinses must be alcohol free (they cause dryness of the mouth)
  • Fluoride rinses help prevent tooth decay
  • It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the mouthwash.

Brushing and flossing are the best ways to avoid oral health issues like gingivitis. If you add mouthwash into the equation you’re set for success. Mouthwash is an effective tool in the fight against tooth decay, gingivitis, as well as the promotion of healthy teeth and gums. You can use your mouthwash twice daily in conjunction with brushing and flossing your teeth.

You are welcome to call us to book your teeth cleaning appointment with our Oral Hygienist.

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