porcelain crowns in south africa

Porcelain Crowns in South Africa

Porcelain Crowns – A Case Study

Our case study focuses on our sweet patient Diane who chose porcelain crowns at our practice in South Africa as her treatment option.

When Diane came in to see Dr Richard Huson she felt terribly embarrassed to smile and to talk.

She did not like the gaps and discolouration in her front teeth on her top jaw.

porcelain crowns in south africa

Due to her very busy work schedule and travel she could not afford to come back and forth for her treatment.

She was also not sure of what the end result will look like. In order to communicate better and make sure Diane was happy with the end result, we turned to our latest technology called Digital Smile Design.

Diane was able to see the before and after pictures of her smile before any work was started. This enabled her too see what the end result would look like before committing to the treatment.

Our solution was then a same day smile makeover which consisted of dental crowns.

A big advantage of Diane having her work done at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic was that it was done in a day with digitally scanned dental crowns.

With our in-house lab it was easy to make the necessary adjustments so that Diane left here extremely happy with the end result.

Porcelain Crown Procedure

Her two front teeth were crowned, re-positioned and lengthened.

We also enhanced the colour of her teeth. Her dental crown procedure took about 2 hours.

 We have an excellent dental laboratory on-site with specialist technicians who work closely with us to make sure that your smile is perfect.

Porcelain Crowns In South Africa Is Much Cheaper

Porcelain crowns in South Africa are much cheaper than porcelain crowns done in many first world countries.

It is usually half the price if you compare an equally high end dental practice in the USA and UK.

Dr Richard Huson has spent several years in the UK working under world renowned dentist Dr Joe Oliver.  All our products are of the highest quality and we use the best manufacturers in the world that are world renowned and internationally recognised.

Digital Smile Design as a treatment Modality

Using specialised software programs and together with our highly skilled dentist Dr Richard Huson, we are able to manipulate a photograph of your teeth into different possibilities of what certain cosmetic treatments may be able to achieve for you even before the treatment begins.

This gives you a simulation of what your porcelain dental crowns may look like after treatment. Cosmetic Imaging is useful if you would want to know  “what it may look like” – or for those who struggle to picture the end result. In this picture we have shown the end result of Diane’s dental crowns and what it could potentially look like.

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