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Dental Implants VS Dentures

In this article we compare Dental Implants vs Dentures. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of dentures and dental implants. Dental implants are becoming a more popular option than dentures or bridges.

Technology has allowed us today to be more cost efficient and effective. The dental industry is no different.

Dental Implants are a more cost effective and a more efficient long term solution to missing or decayed teeth.

Dentures are more expensive in the long term

Dentures seem like a more cost effective solution for the short term but considering that dentures need to be changed every 5 years due to the change in gum shape it is actually more expensive in the long term when comparing them to dental implants. Although the quality of dentures have improved over the years they are not an ideal option. Partial dentures might promote infection and decay especially on the surrounding healthy teeth.

Dentures can fall out when talking

Dentures can shift when speaking and talking and even fall out causing embarrassment. You will need to clean them externally. Whereas with dental implants they act as natural teeth so you just need to brush your teeth as normal and they are permanently fixed to your teeth.

If your gums are very unhealthy and you have a weak jaw then dentures might be your only option. Dentures can cause damage to adjacent healthy teeth and gums making the nearby areas more susceptible to decay. You are also more likely to suffer speech problem with dentures.

dental implants vs dentures

The patient above underwent a dental implant procedure with Dr Roy Richard Huson. You can see the amazing smile transformation.

Dental implants act as natural teeth

Dental Implants look natural just like your normal healthy teeth. The comfort, peace of mind and confidence makes them an unmatched rival to dentures. They can replace missing or decayed teeth and act as natural teeth that are surgically inserted into your jaw. They are permanent so you can brush your teeth as normal and are not removable making it an ideal option for all patients.

Dentists prefer dental implants as they provide a healthier smile

It is also a long term solution as they can last a lifetime provided you brush and floss twice a day. Dentists prefer dental implants as they provide a more comfortable, natural looking smile. They will not damage surrounding teeth and prevent decay of surrounding teeth unlike dentures.

There are several treatment options such a dentures and dental implants. Dentures are cheaper in the short term.

You can bite and chew your food with dental implants

Dental Implants are more expensive in the short term but works out cheaper in the long term. They are permanently fixed as natural teeth so that you can chew biltong or that yummy steak like your normal natural teeth. As the saying goes you get what you pay for and Dental Implants is no exception.

Dental Implants start from R8500 and for the abutment and dental crown is roughly around R9000. So you are looking at +-R20 000 per tooth. It can get cheaper depending on the number of implants you do and it also depends on the manufacturer you choose. We work with world renowned manufacturers.

The largest benefit of Dental Implants is that you can bite and chew food again, smile and laugh with confidence and not worry whether they will slip or even fall out.

Here is a quick table comparing the two:

dental implants vs dentures 1

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