cost of teeth whitening durban

Cost of teeth Whitening in Durban

The cost of teeth whitening at our offices in Durban are both cost effective and of the highest quality. Your teeth will be whitened properly.

cost of teeth whitening durban

A Good Oral Hygiene Procedure Is Important

Brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing is extremely important when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene. Even if you follow that regime consistently you will find with age that you teeth start to discolour and become more yellow. This could also be due to cigarette smoking, drinking wine, eating a lot of curry or eating/drinking other teeth staining foods.

By now if you have decided to whiten your teeth you would have researched online and discovered that dental bleaching at a dentist office is the safest and most effective option. The cost of teeth whitening at our offices are very reasonable when compared to other home teeth whitening kits. The teeth whitening treatment is usually 100% more effective than home whitening kits and much more safer.

You can whiten your teeth on average up to 9 shades lighter with our teeth whitening system. The results are much faster than any other home teeth whitening kits. Unlike at home teeth whitening kits, professional dental teeth whitening procedures are carefully monitored and contain a higher concentration of carbamide. We use stronger bleaching agents that are more effective and safe at our offices.

Teeth Whitening Is Safer at a Dentist Office

Unlike other professional teeth whitening procedures we use lower doses of carbamide over a longer period of time (14 days) followed by a 1 hour laser session. This helps to decrease the tooth sensitivity and so that you have a painless treatment. Another huge advantage of using our teeth whitening system is that you never have to repeat the entire system.

Most dentist office teeth whitening systems cost a fortune as you will need to repeat the entire process. With our system we already created a mouth guard to fit your teeth. You will only need to buy the teeth whitening gel which costs R135 each and you need up to two or three after the teeth bleaching process is completed 6 – 12 months later. This all depends on how much of teeth staining foods you eat.

Cost of Teeth Whitening at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic

The cost for teeth whitening at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic in Durban is R4800. This includes the 14-day treatment followed by a 30 minute laser session. It is much cheaper than any other system on the market and of the highest quality.

We offer the highest quality in dentistry. Dr Richard Huson has over 20 years of experience in the UK and worked under celebrity dentist Dr Joe Oliver in the Harley Street Region of London (where celebrities get their dental treatments). You are guaranteed work of the highest quality . All our products meet European Standards.

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