dental implants the best option

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Are dental implants worth it? There are a number of emotional, economical and functional factors to take into consideration when discussing this question.
is the cost of dental implants worth it

Are Dental Implants Affordable?

Dental implants are very affordable. Especially when you take into consideration the improved quality of life and the cost effectiveness in the long term.

Dentistry and Dental Costs in South Africa

Expect world-class dentistry at a fraction of the cost in South Africa. Dentistry and dental costs in South Africa are value for money.
cost of teeth whitening durban

Cost of teeth Whitening in Durban

The cost of teeth whitening at our offices in Durban is very cost effective and of high quality. Our procedure will whiten your teeth properly.
cost of dental veneers

The Cost Of Dental Veneers

The cost of Dental Veneers is much more affordable in Durban, South Africa than it is in other first world countries. Prices start from R5500.
the cost of dental implants

The Cost Of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic is very cost effective. Prices start from R10 000 per tooth and can go up to R22 000 per tooth.
the cost of dental implants in south africa

The Cost of Dental Implants in South Africa

The cost of dental implants in South Africa is very affordable as compared to doing the procedure in a first world country.