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Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Are dental implants worth it? There are a number of emotional, economical and functional factors to take into consideration when discussing this question.  Read more to find out if dental implants are worth it…

The pros of dental implants

Dental implants are really worth it due to:

Aesthetics – if you lose a tooth and go to your mirror to view it you will see how quickly your confidence can go from a 10 being highly confident all the way to 1 with no confidence.

Speech improvement – not forgetting the way you start pronouncing words as missing teeth can cause speech problems. Especially if they are toward the front.

Bone health – Dental implants stimulate your jawbone. Preserving your jawbone and making you look years younger unlike dentures.

You are able to bite and chew your food – you will also be unable to chew your food properly without dental implants. This could lead to bad nutrition. Bad nutrition comes into play when you are unable to chew hard foods such as meat or crispy vegetables.

Are dental implants really that worth it considering the price?

Dental implants last a lifetime unlike bridges and dentures. They actually work out far cheaper than bridges or dentures in the long term.

Dental implants are more cost effective in the long term unlike dentures or bridges. Dentures need to be changed every 5 years whereas implants last a lifetime. Bridges need to be changed every 10+ years. Implants basically change your life and give you an improved standard of living.

Unfortunately, bridges and dentures are outdated and an old fashioned option especially when it comes to the advanced technology today with dental implants.

Bridges are not good because it can decay the teeth on either side of the bridge. Patients with bridges are a higher risk for gum disease. Dental implants keep the bone in your jaw in place making you look 10 years younger unlike dentures.

Below is a patient that visited Silver Oaks Dental Clinic to get her dental implant procedure done

are dental worth it 4

are dental implants worth it

are dental implants worth it 2

This beautiful lady is Amanda. She came to us very unhappy about her teeth. Her teeth were worn down and over the years became worse. She also had an over-closed bite which meant that her lips and cheeks were “creased” because of the lack of muscle and skin support. This was because of her jaw position. Her teeth had worn right down because of years and years of being afraid of going to the dentist, being very nervous and embarrassed at the same time.

Dr Huson placed dental implants and re-aligned and repaired Amanda’s smile.

We also made a night guard for Amanda. This was to help protect her teeth from grinding while asleep. She comes for regular hygienist visits to help maintain that perfect healthy smile.

Amanda cried tears of joy at our offices and couldn’t believe how amazing her teeth turned out.

Another happy client of Silver Oaks Dental Clinic who is now enjoying the smile she was dreaming over for years!

Dental implants are definitely worth it owing to the durability, appearance and functionality. It is the best option to replace missing teeth in the long term.

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