What are dental veneers

What Are Dental Veneers?

A dental veneer is a wafer thin piece of ceramic/porcelain shell that is bonded onto the tooth. This makes them a popular choice when it comes to fixing dental irregularities.  They serve no purpose except for aesthetic improvement, yet one cannot deny the level of confidence that a person gains from having that perfect smile. They are custom made for each individual and can be made from composite or porcelain material. Porcelain veneers are the costlier option but are much more durable and closer to our natural teeth i.e enamel. Veneers fix a wide range of dental problems at a fraction of the price of alternate procedures such as metal braces.

What are dental veneers

Candidates for Porcelain Veneers in South Africa

As long as you have a tooth or teeth with a healthy structure, you would be a candidate for porcelain veneers in South Africa. We explain further along in the article why you should consider getting porcelain veneers in South Africa.

Dental veneers solve the following problems

Tooth discolouration– there are a few reasons why teeth may discolour. Age is one factor and due to wear and tear, teeth start to look duller. Improper hygiene is another, as is foods rich in pigment that stain the teeth such as wine or coffee. Teeth whitening can combat this and bring back a sparkling smile, though it is a process which has to be maintained on a yearly basis. Our dentist can manufacture porcelain veneers which are a few shades brighter than a patient’s tooth. Porcelain does not stain, so the brightness will last as long as the veneer does

Crooked teeth– a slightly crooked tooth or a snaggle tooth can be straightened with porcelain veneers in South Africa. Our dentist will make the veneer to round of the angle of the tooth into being straighter. This will negate the need for patients to have to go through the years long and much more expensive option of braces

Gapped teeth– veneers will be placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap. They will be made to fit over the tooth and fill out the space of the gap. This is another instance of not having to go with braces, and instead getting an instant fix

Chipped Tooth– an accidental fall may leave you with a chipped tooth. A porcelain veneer can be placed over this tooth which will now cover the chipped portion. Even on a single tooth, porcelain veneers are made to match the exact shade of the surrounding teeth

Teeth size– the size of the tooth can be increased with a veneer. In fact the shape of all teeth can be altered for that picture perfect smile.

Getting Dental Veneers Fitted

Getting porcelain veneers in South Africa is a multi-step process that will require a few short visits to the dentist.

The first step would be for the dentist to get an impression of the tooth to design the veneer. With digital smile design technology, the patient is able to see what the final outcome will be like on screen and even offer some guidance on what they would personally prefer.

Before the veneer gets bonded onto the tooth, a portion of the tooth equal to the thickness of the veneer, will have to be removed. This does emit a sharp, sensitive pain which is why a numbing agent is used so that the patient feels nothing.

The tooth is then thoroughly cleansed before the veneer is bonded onto the tooth.

Patients will require a follow up session for our dentist to assess that all is in order.

Caring for your new veneer is pretty simply. Follow a proper home care routine and visit your dentist twice a year. With this adhered to, the veneers will last for years to come.

The Cost of Veneers in South Africa

South Africa is fast gaining a name as a medical haven for cosmetic surgery procedures. This is due to aesthetic medical practitioners meeting global standards and the fact that medical treatments are far cheaper here than, in say, the States, Australia, Canada or even the UK.  The cost of veneers in South Africa is much more affordable than the aforementioned countries. This would have to do with currency exchange rates, which would give you more bang for your buck.

Getting porcelain veneers in South Africa is also well within reach to those residing in the country. The cost of living is lower in some cities than others.  An example of this would be Durban. Coupled with year round alluring weather, it is a favoured destination among locals. It is here that the cost of veneers in South Africa is most affordable, and with access to some well-respected cosmetic dentists. The cost of veneers will also depend on the type of material used in the manufacturing process. As mentioned both composite and porcelain can be used, however at Silver Oaks we prefer porcelain.

This does mean that getting them fitted will be more expensive but they do last longer, so re-fitment will not be an issue for quite some time. You do not want to invest less now, only to return to have them replaced. Dentist expertise will also determine the overall cost of veneers in South Africa. Choose a dentist who has performed a fair amount of veneer procedures and who has now mastered the art of giving patients a natural looking smile.

Dr Roy Richard-Huson has placed in excess 2000 veneers – all with excellent results. He has also worked under celebrity dentist Dr Joe Oliver in the Harley Street Region of London, UK. His expertise and qualifications make him the go to person for veneers.

The total cost of veneers in South Africa starts from R5500 per tooth and can go up to R9500 per tooth and will have to be paid out of pocket. This is to say, that because it is classified as a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered as part of dental insurance plans or medical aid. We also offer flexible financing options and affordable monthly installments. Because of this cash aspect, many people look to find the most affordable means of getting them and dental veneers in South Africa is the most affordable option.

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