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Is it safe to whiten your teeth at the beauty salon?

The Dangers Of Teeth Whitening At A Beauty Salon

In recent years, beauty salons have been offering teeth whitening in the form of cosmetic dental treatments. However, there are many reasons why you should NOT have teeth whitening done at a beauty establishment. They often show little regard for the laws surrounding the procedure, and therefore often neglect to offer patients a safe and effective service.

  1. It is illegal to whiten your teeth unless it is performed by a registered dental practitioner.
  2. Because beauty salons arent subject to the same regulatory oversight that dentists offices are, it’s difficult to ensure their treatments are sanitary and safe.
  3. In the event that dental bleaching agents leak onto your gums and into your mouth, this could result in severe burns, blistering, and sensitivity.

The Professional Opinion

There’no way that our practice endorses teeth whitening outside of a dental officeProviding teeth whitening treatments without a dental professional is illegal. A teeth whitening procedure performed by someone who is not qualified can cause serious damage to your mouth and gums. Here are three reasons you should only be treated by dentist for teeth whitening.

  1. Often, hydrogen peroxide is used to whiten teeth. For this substance to be safe for oral consumption, it must be controlled and monitored. Dentists are well trained in adjusting hydrogen peroxide levels to meet your whitening needs. The levels can be adjusted safely without causing any damage to your gums or teeth.
  2. In dental practices, whitening treatments are guaranteed to be safe, effective, and FDA-approved. There are thorough licensing and inspection procedures in the dental industry. Each country has its own dental regulatory board, ours is SADA.
  3.   You can benefit from the experience and expertise of a dentist. Their expertise in examining, understanding, and diagnosing the structure of the mouth provides them with the ability to detect issues, diseases, and infections immediately. Your dentist will be able to advise you on whether teeth whitening is right for you.
  4.   Dental professionals only use dental-grade products (bleach or whitener). To ensure their quality and effectiveness, these products need to be stored according to strict safety protocols. This is done to maintain their potency and their safety. This is why using counterfeit or non-FAD-approved products could result in greater damage to your teeth. Dental-grade whitening products will not be available to non-dental professionals.

Here at Silver Oaks Dental, we use only the best, tried, and tested! POLAR day and night whitening system. Our chairside whitening treatment can go up to 9 shades whiter. This treatment includes a 14-night home kit and laser chair session. For more information about teeth whitening solutions, or to schedule your appointment with us call us on 031 202 6584 or contact@silveroaksdentalclinic.co.za

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