Digital Smile Design - DSD

We are one of the very few dental practices in South Africa to offer Digital Smile Design (DSD)  as a treatment modality for our Cosmetic Dental treatment. This system is offered extensively in specialist cosmetic practices in the UK and the USA.

Smile Design using cosmetic imaging and cosmetic dentistrySmile Design using cosmetic imaging and cosmetic dentistryUsing specialised software programs and together with our highly skilled dentist, Dr Richard we are able to manipulate a photograph of your teeth into different possibilities of what certain cosmetic treatments may be able to achieve for you. This gives you a simulation of what you may look like after treatment.

This is an extremely useful tool in helping you, together with the dentist to agree on a course of treatment (and to picture a possible end result) without having to touch / drill a tooth. This is especially useful for those who are worried "what it may look like" - or for those who struggle to picture the end result. This gives you the chance to explain to the dentist your needs and concerns and to create a blueprint for your particular needs before any treatment is even started.

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