How to stop snoring

How To Stop Snoring

How to stop snoring? is a question we often get asked.

Is your spouse driving you crazy with their snoring?

Snoring can wreak havoc in a marriage. Most people lack the needed 8 hours of sleep.

how to stop snoring

sleep apnea

You Don’t Need To Suffer Anymore

Up to 40% of the population in industrialized countries snore. The question ‘How to stop snoring has become an important one for people in these countries.

The decreasing muscle tone during the sleep causes a narrowing of the upper respiratory tract. This narrowing accelerates the respiratory airflow, thereby various structures in the area of the upper respiratory tract start to vibrate and cause the snoring noise. So snoring is a mechanical process that can be counteracted mechanically.

Abnormal Snoring Is Dangerous

Here the dental therapy comes into action. Light or primary snoring do not have consequences on health whereas the rhonchopathy, the abnormal snoring, does. Here the question ‘How to stop snoring is more important than ever.

We recently had one of our patient’s phone in to East Coast Radio asking for a solution to her very loud snoring/sleep apnea. The patient could not go on holiday with her friends and family or have anyone sleep next to her due to her very loud snoring. This made it difficult socially for her and made her feel all alone.

Snoring Prevention – How to Stop Snoring

Our solution was the Silensor-SL snore guard.

The patient had a snoring app on her phone that measured her snoring in decibels. She put on the phone app then went to sleep and measured her snoring before Silensor-Sl snore guard and after Silensor-Sl snore guard. She was amazed by the results. Her snoring completely stopped after using Silensor-Sl.

Sleep Apnea is, at a certain level of severity, a serious disease, that may cause not only sleepiness during the day but also serious systemic diseases.

The snore guard called Silensor-Sl can change you and your spouse’s life. Feel free to chat to Dr Huson about the snore guard.

The benefits of the Silensor snore guard are:

  • They are a custom fit dental anti-snoring device.
  •  Clinically proven to help stop snoring. No more sleepless nights
  • Manufactured by experienced personnel
  • Individually custom made to fit your mouth
  • Slimline, Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The Silensor-sl can be expected to be very successful since in almost all cases the noise involved in snoring is caused by constriction of the airways. Because of its compact design, the device does not inhibit breathing through the mouth.

With severe corpulence a good success of the treating, however, is doubtful. The effectiveness will thus be increasingly reduced at a BMI (body-mass-index) of more than 30.

The Silensor-sl cannot be used with edentulous patients and should only be fixed to a partial denture which has adequate retention. It is up to the dentist to assess whether or not residual teeth provide enough retention.

Call us now to learn more about this device.

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