How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

How long do dental implants last? The answer is: Dental implants last a lifetime if they are properly cared for.  In this article we discuss the life cycle of dental implants and the steps one should take to preserve dental implants.

Dental Implants should last a lifetime

1)You need to brush floss and mouth rinse twice daily.

2) Go for regular dental cleanings every 6 months.

Dental Implants are very technologically advanced today with better more sustainable materials that fit the jaw very well. So dental implants should last a lifetime.

A recent patient that came to @silveroaksdentalclinic from Zambia to get her dental implant treatment done was pleasantly surprised.

Dr Huson advised her on how to take care of her implants. He told her that they have a lifetime guarantee if she gets professionally cleanings by a dentist and brushes and flosses twice a day.


After weeks of doing research on the internet stella decided that we were the best cosmetic clinic she should choose. She flew down immediately and met with Dr Huson and his team.

how long do dental implants last

Stella was very unhappy with her smile for several reasons:

Firstly, she had worn her teeth down considerably over the years through grinding. Her teeth became very short and stubby due to this.

Secondly, Stella had a gummy smile which she disliked. This meant she showed more gum than teeth when smiling or talking.

Thirdly, she had lost a number of teeth and was chewing on her gums or not chewing her food at all. Due to the years of neglect her bite had changed shape and her teeth looked “irreparable.”

Dr Huson used Digital Smile Design to predict the treatment outcome before it was even started. This made Stella even more comfortable as she knew exactly what she was going to get.

Dr Huson’s solution for Stella included dental implantscrown lengtheningdental crowns, bridges  and veneers.

Stella’s dental implant procedure was fast, accurate and very comfortable

Dr Huson with the help of his highly skilled team opened her bite which changed her profile and smile line. Her smile was custom designed by our in house lab and computer simulations.

At the end of the procedure we gave Stella a night guard to wear so that she won’t grind her new teeth.

Stella was ecstatic about the final result. She could not believe how natural her teeth looked. Stella could bite and chew her food again and most importantly her self esteem improved considerably thereby living a better quality of life.
The treatment, once planned didn’t take a long time and proved to be fast, accurate and very comfortable with our pain free treatment.
Stella was very happy that she made the journey all the way to South Africa to get her teeth done at our clinic.

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