do dental implants hurt

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

This article discusses the question that everyone gets worried about ‘Do dental implants Hurt?

There are many pain free sedation techniques that are available. After the procedure most people go to work the very next day. Painkillers are given to you so that pain will be minimal.

Will the dental implant procedure be painful?

We have different ways of making your experience as pleasant as possible. This includes Nitrous Oxide Sedation (happy gas), Intravenous Sedation, or General Anaesthesia.

Having a decayed tooth and toothache is far more painful than any implant procedure.

Inserting dental implants is an operation. The procedure seems frightening by inserting titanium screws into the bone. DON’T be scared. Dental implants do not hurt.

Dental Implants improve the quality of your life drastically

The improved quality of life after the procedure outweighs the thought of any temporary pain. You will be able to chew and bite your food and brush your teeth as normal. You can brush and floss like you would your natural teeth.

The American Academy Of Dentists encourages dental implants over dentures a dental implant procedure keeps the jawbone intact.

No need to remove and clean messy dentures

No need to remove messy dentures and clean them day and night. No need to go to the dentist every few years to get new dentures as the other ones have become loose. Most importantly you will be able to look years younger as the bone loss is minimal so it is like a free face lift.

This patient was very happy with her dental implant procedure @silveroaksdentalclinic

Do dental implants hurt

The above patient (Sandra had a full smile makeover @silveroaksdentalclinic. The patient came all the way from the USA to get her dental implant treatment done at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic.

The cost of the treatment was half the price at our dental clinic as compared to the USA. We also offered the highest quality in cosmetic dentistry as we used all international implant manufacturers.

The patient had previously worn out dentures that did not look aesthetically pleasing. She was so fed up of changing them every 5 years due to the loss of bone i.e gum size.

She had researched for several months on the internet before choosing Silver Oaks Dental Clinic.

Our good reviews and portfolio of work convinced her that Silver Oaks would be her final choice. Sandra walked out very happy with her new smile and regained confidence.

Dr Roy Richard-Huson went above the call of duty

According to her ‘Dr Huson went above the call of duty’. His emotional intelligence made him accurately predict exactly what she wanted at every step of the process.

According to Sandra, ‘Dr Huson’s meticulous attention to detail is what sets him apart.

Dental implant procedure on Sandra

Dr Huson’s solution for her teeth included bone grafting and dental implants.

Sandra had a thorough evaluation during the first consultation, including a:
• Comprehensive dental exam: A 3D scan was taken.
• Treatment plan: Her teeth was analysed and jawbone

A treatment plan was then given to Sandra based on how many teeth needed to be replaced and the condition of her jawbone.

It is often a better option to have your teeth replaced with dental implants rather than with dentures.

Dental implants keep the height of your jawbone because it keeps the bone stimulated.

A quote was then given to Sandra and explained in detail what it entails. Her second appointment was the dental implant procedure.

To control pain, anesthesia  was given to her during the procedure. Chat to Dr Huson about other pain free options.

Dental implant surgery is usually an outpatient surgery performed in stages:

•Sandra’s damaged tooth was removed and when there was not one present the implant was placed immediately
•The titanium implant was then placed in the bone and left to heal.

The final crown (tooth) can sometimes be placed at this stage but it would depend on the quality and quantity of your bone at the placement.

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