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Digitally Guided Implant Surgery

The Digital And Great Beyond…

Digital dentistry has revolutionized the industry as we know it. From the ability to capture digital intraoral scans to digital smile design and photography we can now develop treatment plans that are accurate and predictable. We at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic have been using digitally guided surgery since the early 2000s.

Digital guided implant surgery is used to correctly position the implant which is vital to the bone, nerve, and other structures within the mouth. Implant placement procedures using a digital guide allows for an extremely accurate placement position of the implant into the bone, compared to a freehand placement. The positioning of an implant is absolutely critical to the success of the treatment. Once an implant has been placed, integration into the bone occurs, for this reason, we have a surgical guide manufactured at our onsite lab which is used to guide the implant into place to reduce the likely hood of an implant failure.

Using a guide means there is 
*Minimally invasive surgery allows for quicker healing and less downtime.
*Accuracy of placement which means an implant is less likely to fail.
*Reduced procedure time, which means less in chair surgery time.
*Allows us to immediately load a tooth onto the implant if the implant stability (as measured with an ISQ machine) is adequate.

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