Dental implants abroad – at Silver Oaks, we are the specialists

Dental implants abroad – at Silver Oaks, we’re the specialists and offer the highest quality in dental implant treatments.

Dental implants abroad - at Silver Oaks, we’re the specialists

Dental implants are one of the most-often requested procedures when medical tourists enquire with us.

Dental implants abroad - at Silver Oaks, we’re the specialists

How can you be assured of high quality dental implants when you visit our practice

South Africa is a leading dental tourist destination globally thanks to many factors, including the following:

At our spacious and stylish practice at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic, you will find technology and techniques that are ahead in times.

We are the leaders in Cosmetic Dentistry

  • To maintain our position as leaders in cosmetic dentistry and providers of the best dental implants abroad, we recognise how crucial it is to remain abreast of the newest, safest tools and methodologies as they unfold.
  • We are so confident in our services that we offer a money back guarantee.
  • In South Africa English is commonly spoken and understood, so there is no language barrier. It is also the language of tertiary education training, commerce and parliament.
  • The professional bodies regulating dentists and medical practitioners are well regulated and report to government and allied bodies regularly. There is an emphasis on ethical behaviour and ongoing upskilling.
  • The minimum requirement for a dentist to qualify in South Africa is a 5-year degree. It is a specialist degree which also involves core practical training components. Thereafter, specialisation is required for fields.
  • Air, road and urban infrastructure is good. Offices in urban areas and almost everywhere are modern.
  • The medical tourist experience on a whole is first-class – we have partnered with several game and safari lodges to make your trip supremely comfortable, exciting and memorable
  • The exchange rate versus the pound, euro and US dollar and Australian dollar has always been and remains highly favourable.
  • Medical and dental tourism in the whole in South Africa is enjoying interest and priority on many local levels, thanks to how important it is as a subsector. The contribution to the local economy is becoming more substantial by the year, with dental tourism to South Africa remaining on an increasing trajectory.
  • South African Tourism has therefore committed itself to continue stakeholder engagement to provide the best experience to medical and dental tourists.
  • A key focus is to remind stakeholders that pricing has to remain competitive if the industry is to keep enjoying phenomenal growth.

Dental implants abroad - at Silver Oaks, we’re the specialists

The cost of dental implants in South Africa

There is no fixed quotable cost per tooth implant as it not only varies from dentist to dentist, but depends on the amount of work required for each person. That said, as with everything, the best quality does come with a bit of a premium and our quality assured best dental implants abroad do too – but it also comes with a money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Mini implants cost less than full implants

Usually work on the lower jaw costs more because:

○ This is more difficult to access than the upper jaw, so the procedure itself takes longer.

○ The procedure also takes longer because the nerves in this area are intricate so dentists have to proceed very carefully.

If like us, your professional has specifically studied further to specialise in tooth replacement procedures, this takes your dental provider up to the level of a prosthodontist or oral surgeon. Higher rates apply to dental specialists as they do to medical, legal or architectural specialists

The upside is that although the initial cost may be higher, it is largely a once-off cost. Dental implants are permanent. Unlike bridges or dentures, they do not need to be replaced.

Dental implants per tooth start at R8000 upwards. The average price for dental implants, as fitted in South Africa, is about R 9000 to R15000 per tooth when sampling a high number of dentists. It is simply not possible or realistic to pinpoint a finite price range for the reasons mentioned above.

What is the treatment sequence for dental implants?

We define ourselves by giving you a highest quality product and experience backed by superior skill and extensive local and international experience. To this end, when you visit us for your dental implants, these are the steps you can expect:

We will plan and map out the extent of the work required and make a formal diagnosis.

We may then have to build up the bone if it is too brittle to accept an incision straight away

Next comes the actual implant insertion. Then, we give the jaw bone time to heal.

Your final denture or visible part of the replacement tooth is now fitted.

We like to see you back for a final check up and to provide you with care instructions.

Dental implants – the advantages

Once your implants are fitted you’ll leave knowing you have a replacement tooth, not a prosthesis. Here are the main advantages and why this treatment is so popular:

  1. Your implant looks, feels and functions like a real tooth. There is little to no impact on your speech, social interaction or ability to chew. People with bridges or dentures often feel self-conscious when smiling or laughing.
  2. There will be no subsequent time out from life or work. Your implants do not need to be refitted or remoulded. There consequently also won’t be another adjustment period.
  3. The cost of your implant is fixed and finalised. As there are no additional procedures there are no additional costs.
  4. A dental implant aligns perfectly to your existing facial features, unlike some other prosthesis. Aesthetically, the implant won’t result in you looking drawn or sunken, especially in the cheek area. This sometimes happens in people who have worn dentures for a long time.
  5. Once the tooth is fitted, your discomfort levels should return to normal. With other procedures, there are often intermittent periods of discomfort, even when the best dentures or bridges are fitted.

We look forward to fitting your dental implants and ensuring that you leave ready to love and live to your full capacity once more!

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