best dental implants abroad

Best Dental Implants Abroad

You’ve landed on the right page if you’re looking for the best dental implants abroad.

Best Dental Implants abroadSouth Africa is highly rated as a world-class cosmetic tourism destination, and not for trifling reason either: sun, surf or safari, you’ll find the best of it here, in superbly priced packages.

The favourable rand-dollar exchange for foreigners has meant that the upward trajectory in inbound tourism to this beautiful country has only intensified. Throw in pioneering medical practices – the world’s first heart transplant, for example − and it’s little wonder the country is renowned for its highly calibrated medical treatments, too.

Things are no different at our Silver Oaks dental clinic, we are at the forefront of medically advanced designer dentistry. One particular area of specialisation for us is dental implants. As local leaders in this field, you’ve landed on the right page if you’re looking for the best dental implants abroad.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are, in effect, ‘replacement’ teeth and the next best thing to the teeth you were born with. The process emulates that of a real tooth, unlike dentures or bridges which are artificially held in place.

You do not have to struggle like this nowadays. Dental Implants could help you with your chewing, stabilise your bite, correct your smile and generally boost your confidence and improve your life.

Dental Implant Pictures

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As per best practice worldwide and as your provider of the best dental implants abroad, we position metal ‘holders’ beneath your gums into the jawbone. As these metal holders eventually fuse with your jawbone, they act perfectly as new ‘roots’ for your tooth.

Types of dental implants

We provide ourselves on our claim of being the best dental implants abroad and, as such, we will only work with the two kinds of implants that have been cleared as medically safe:

1. Subperiosteal implants – We fit the metal teeth ‘holders’ beneath the gum, onto the jawbone. We then neatly fit your new teeth into these holders.

2. Endosteal implants – They are called implants, as we implant these straight into the jaw. Then, we allow the gum tissue to heal. Once this has been done, we connect a ‘holder’ or metal post to this implant, into which we’ll fit your new teeth.

As top practitioners of specialised cosmetic dentistry and providers of the best dental implants abroad, we will make a detailed assessment of your mouth before advocating any approach. Each patient’s needs are different and we won’t proceed without carefully examining which approach is best for you.

As responsible providers of the best dental implants abroad, we also advise our clients that in order to receive implants, you need to have a fairly strong, non-damaged jawbone and healthy gums. Of course, you will also need to maintain a good oral hygiene routine post this procedure, which is for life – this is one of the big advantages of opting for dental implants versus bridges or dentures.

Are dental implants more expensive than dentures or bridges?

Best dental implants abroad 4Yes and no. They are a bigger one-off financial outlay, but a smaller one over the period of the average patient’s life compared to other aids, devices and procedures.

In the short-term, that is to say, when looking at the cost of the procedure itself, it is fair to say that dental implants are more expensive than other tooth-replacement methods, such as opting to have dentures or bridges fitted.

However, we hasten to add that being the best dental implants abroad means that our implants are made, tailored and fitted to last – for life.

So, in the long-term, dental implants are going to cost you less than dentures, for which you’ll have to have a new mould made every three to ten years. The same is true of bridges – they need to be replaced with time. These costs accumulate and, with time, add up to more than having perfect implants fitted for life.

Advantages of dental implants

Besides the lowered costs and convenience over the average lifetime, there are many advantages. This is why, as providers of the best dental implants abroad, we are seeing an uptake in not only local but also international clients choosing to have implants.

Dental implants are strong, stable and the best imitators of natural teeth. As experienced surgical and cosmetic implant surgeons, when providing you with the best dental implants abroad, we make sure that your tooth looks, feels and ‘works’ like a normal tooth.

There is no irritation or discomfort when eating, speaking or smiling as is sometimes the case with full or partial dentures, and bridges. No need to take out your dentures or adjust your bridge either – just carry on with your everyday activities and flash your perfect smile!

In addition to being one cost, dental implants are also a one-off procedure. The disadvantage of dentures is that however much precision goes into making them – and they are certainly not to be discounted as options – when refitting a new mould after several years, the patient’s gums need to re-adjust. This often leads to a short period of inconvenience and even mild pain.

As providers of the best dental implants abroad, we also like to advise our clients that dental implants fit the mould and aesthetics of your natural facial shape. Sometimes, denture-wearers have ‘sunken’ features such as cheeks or jawlines.

Whereas other tooth replacements often lead to face distortion over time, dental implants help you to retain the facial outlines you were naturally born with. Think about it – what happens at night if you wear dentures? You remove them. Dental implants stay firmly put in your mouth.

Protecting your jawline to keep it strong, healthy and optimally functioning is imperative to the general health of your mouth – and dental implants do just that.

As experienced implant surgeons who will fit the best dental implants abroad, we often point out to prospective patients that a cavity in your jawbone as a result of your tooth gap, will lead to your jawbone in this area becoming weaker and deteriorating over time.

The good news is, dental implants ‘kick-start’ new bone growth and bone generation. This helps to keep your jawbone firm, healthy and properly functioning. So go on – taste the fullness of life and get your confidence back with your dazzling, new dental implants!

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