A Case Study on a Patient from New Zealand

This article discusses a case study on a patient from New Zealand.

A sweet patient (Miles) came all the way from New Zealand to perfect his smile at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic.

A case study on a patient from New Zealand


Miles was embarrassed to smile and had limited time in South Africa. Dr Huson had to find a quick fix solution.

Dr Huson placed dental veneers on Mile’s teeth.

Porcelain veneers are ideal for patients who have discoloured, uneven, irregularly shaped, worn down, chipped, gaps and misaligned teeth. We had lengthened Miles’s teeth and straightened the four front teeth with dental veneers.

He also completed the teeth whitening treatment to brighten the appearance of all of his teeth. This helped create a more consistent natural colour throughout.

We use the highest quality in Porcelain veneers  therefore prefer Emax veneers above Lumineers and composite veneers as the look and feel is more realistic and aesthetically pleasing.

We also find that they last a very long time over 25 years to a lifetime if they are properly cleaned and maintained.

Porcelain Veneers Procedure at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic

The benefit with veneers is that it whitens and straightens your teeth quickly and pain free. You only need three appointments.

Miles had looked through some pictures from the internet to see the look that he prefered.

He discussed the various options with Dr Huson. Dr Huson then designed his smile on the computer (Digital Smile Design) showing him before and after pics even before the treatment was started. went for something that made the appearance of his smile more apparent and face structure more prominent.

Our efficient lab technician Costa designed custom made temporary veneers which Miles wore it to see if he liked them. When Miles was happy with the temporary ones, we replicated that into the final permanent version.

Miles came back for another appointment where we fitted and cemented the veneers using a resin cement. His teeth were prepared using custom made templates which ensured the minimal amount of tooth loss.

Miles was very happy with the results and the transformation was dramatic and immediate. That is the huge benefit of Veneers in that it is quick and cost effective. Dental veneers don’t require months of adjustment appointments. The entire process took 3 visits.

Dr Huson has placed in excess 1000 Veneers and has worked under celebrity dentist Dr Joe Oliver in the Harley Street region of London. You are guaranteed work that is of the highest quality. Whether you have gaps, overcrowded, deep stained or misshapen teeth, Dental Veneers can be an excellent and conservative way of correcting your smile.

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