Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Are Dental Implants Worth The Cost?

If you lose a tooth and go to your mirror to view it while you smile you will see how quickly your confidence can go from a 10 being highly confident all the way to 1 with no confidence. Not forgetting the way you start pronouncing words as missing teeth can cause speech problems. Especially if they are toward the front. You will also be unable to chew your food properly which could lead to bad nutrition. Bad nutrition comes into play when you are unable to chew hard foods such as meat or crispy vegetables. The biggest disadvantage is not being able to smile which results in poor self confidence.

Are dental implants really that worth it considering the price? Dental implants are expensive and usually half the price in a country like South Africa where dentistry is very developed and meet first world standards in terms of quality. Dental implants are more cost effective in the long term unlike dentures. Dentures need to be changed every 5 years whereas implants last a lifetime and basically change your life and give you an improved standard of living. Unfortunately, bridges and dentures are outdated and an old fashioned option especially when it comes to the advanced technology today with dental implants. Bridges are not good because it can decay the teeth on either side of the bridge. Patients with bridges are a higher risk for gum disease. Dental implants keep the bone in your jaw in place making you look 10 years younger unlike dentures.

Below are patients that visited Silver Oaks Dental Clinic in order to get their dental implant procedures done.

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are dental implants worth it

This beautiful lady is Amanda. She came to us very unhappy about her teeth. Her teeth were worn down and over the years became worse. She also had an over-closed bite which meant that her lips and cheeks were "creased" because of the lack of muscle and skin support. This was because of her jaw position. Her teeth had worn right down because of years and years of being afraid of going to the dentist, being very nervous and embarrassed at the same time. 

Amanda then came to see us. Dr Huson assessed what needed to be done and a treatment plan and quotation was given to her.  We also set out a time frame in which her new smile make over will be done. 

Our treatment was to place implants and realign and repair what was lost over the years. She had temporary crowns placed just to get her used to the new bite and position and to test the aesthetics. We used Digital Smile Design (DSD) with the help of photographs taken prior to design her perfect, natural smile. All of this was designed onto models before we started any of the work.  She wore temporary crowns to make sure she was happy with the look, shape and size of her new teeth and made sure she was comfortable with her bite.  We then placed the finals crowns and she was given the option to make changes if she wanted to. We measured the difference in lip support and the facial creases and found that she was no longer over closing her mouth. We also made sure that the teeth fit naturally in with her skin complexion, age and shape of her face. Once that was done and made the changes required, we then cemented all the final crowns and checked her bite again to make sure she was still comfortable.

We also made a night guard for Amanda. This was to help protect her teeth from grinding while asleep. She comes for regular hygienist visits to help maintain that perfect healthy smile. 

She can now talk, eat and smile normally. She no longer has to cover her mouth when she smiles. She looks more youthful and she is glowing with confidence and at the same time. Now no longer fearful of being in the dentist chair!

This is why we love doing what we do. A new smile make over brings a lot of emotion to our rooms  because every transformation is life changing for our patients. We are very proud of being a part of this blessing everyday in our work.

Another happy client of Silver Oaks Dental Clinic who is now enjoying the smile she was dreaming over for years!

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Dental Implant Quotes

Dental Implant Quotes 

You will be suprised at how cost effective Dental Implant quotes are at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic even with internationally recognised manufacturers. We offer the best possible price given the high quality craftmanship that goes into designing the implant whilst only using world renowned implant manufacturers. You also have to take into account the long term affordability and high quality of life that you will lead. 

If two patients were to come in and get their teeth analysed and have a CBCT scan  both patients will leave with two different treatment plans and quotes. Dental implant quotes depend on a number of factors, the number of dental implants one needs, the bone one has in their  jaw as well as the shape and structure of the person's teeth. It also depends on the manufacturer that the patient chooses. We work with the top three dental implant manufacturers that are internationally recognised i.e Straumann, Nobelbiocare and Megagen. 

If you get cheap dental implant quotes that are too good to be true run away.... You know what they say you get what you pay for! so do NOT be fooled.  Dental Implants have to be done by specialists with several years of experience in placing dental implants and have the qualification to back it up. At the end of the day inserting dental implants is an operation that deals with the nervous system. Only an expert should be inserting dental implants with several years of experience and expertise.

The true cost of alternatives: 

When you first look at your dentures or bridges quote compared to a dental implant quote you will be pleasantly surprised at the dentures/bridges quote. Even though the costs for dentures and bridges are alot less in the short term. They actually cost alot in the long term. You need to change your dentures every 5 years.


dental implant quotes


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A recent dental implant case where a patient came from Saudi Arabia to see Dr Roy Richard-Huson.  He came to us hoping to get the smile he always dreamed of and needed to have it done professionally.  He felt very embarassed to smile and very uncomfortable when he use to eat. His dentures would fall out and felt very embarrased. He lost most of his teeth over the years and the ones that he had were broken. Klaus had several implants done at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic. Dr Huson first took before pics so he could analyse Klaus's  teeth using Digital Smile Design. Custom made models were designed for Klaus by on our on-site lab. With just 3-4 appointments Klaus was a new person with a brand new set of teeth. He was very happy as he could bite and chew and live happily again. He also says alot more women have been looking at him as he looks much younger! 

Initial Cost Vs Total Costs - Dentures require you to change them every 5 years with a dentist due to the change in bone structure and the more bone you lose the more the denture wont fit. You will also spend more money on fixatures and adhesives with dentures. The American Academy of Dentistry suggests people get dental implants rather than dentures so that they can maintain the bones in their jaw and not lose them over time due to no root in their teeth. It is the healthiest option possible.

The Convienience Costs - Dental Implants are very convienient from an emotional perspective. You will never have to be scared of your implants falling off unlike dentures and you dont have to clean your implants or soak them over night in a container. You can brush as normal like you would your natural teeth.Dentures can come off when you laugh or chew and eat. 

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Full mouth dental implants


The Cost Of Dental Implants

Dental Implant Cost 

As the saying goes you get what you pay for and Dental Implants is no exception.

The largest benefit of Dental Implants is that you can bite and chew food again, smile and laugh with confidence and not worry whether they will slip or even fall out. You will also be able to speak well again especially if you need implants on your front teeth. Dental implants remove all speech problems. Dental Implants is the most cost effective procedure in the long term as they DONT require alot of maintenance and replacements like Dentures.

The total cost of Dental Implants has everything to do with the extent of services rendered. You may or may not require additional bone grafting procedures prior to implant placement. This depends on how much bone you have to work with. The longer the bone is left without a tooth to support it, the more bone you loose. That is why it is always better to place an implant as soon as possible after a tooth is extracted so that you won’t need to have the extra cost of bone grafting on top of the cost of the Dental Implants.

You should also consider that Dental Implants are fairly low maintenance. Unlike crowns, bridges and dentures that cost less initially but require maintenance in the long term, Dental Implants although costly to start often end up to be cheaper in the long run as they have a much longer lifespan (mostly permanent) than a crown or bridge which may need replacing every 5-10 years. The cost of dental implants start from R10 000 and can go up to R22 000 per tooth depending on the manufacturer you choose, the number of implants that you require (the more you need the cheaper it becomes) if you require bone grafting etc. Chat to Dr Richard Huson and he will explain in detail.

You will also need to consider the experience and qualifications of the dental surgeon handling your case. Dental Implants are a special field of dentistry and care and expertise are paramount to success. Dr Huson has placed in excess1500 Dental Implants and trained under celebrity dentist Dr Joe Oliver in the United Kingdom. You are guaranteed work that is world class and of the highest quality.

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The cost of dental Implants

Dental Implant Insurance 

Medical Financing 

We found that some of our patients wanted to look great and improve their confidence but the affordability was an issue. Some patients are unable to afford the upfront cost of a medical procedure, or where medical aid does not cover the entire cost of the procedure. That is where medical financing comes into play. You can now afford to look amazing whilst paying monthly installments rather than the whole amount in one go.

Payment plans are affordable and flexible, and amounts financed range between R8000 up to R50000. The payment terms range between 6 and 36 months, ensuring that all levels of affordability are catered for.

There are no early settlement penalties, and pre-payments are accepted in order to try fast track the payment of the facility.

You can now have your cosmetic procedures done straight away and pay later! We are affiliated with Medical Finance Now. Please contact us to find out more.

 Dental ImplantsDental veneers

How long do dental implants last?

What is the lifecycle of a dental implant?

Dental implants last a lifetime if they are properly cared for like you do your natural teeth. You need to brush floss and mouth rinse twice daily. Go for regular dental cleanings every 6 months. Dental Implants are very technologically advanced today with better more sustainable materials that fit the jaw very well. So dental implants should last a lifetime.

 A recent patient that came to us all the way from Zambia to get her dental implant treatment with us. Dr Huson and our dental hygienist have advised her on how to take care of her implants as they have a guarantee of a lifetime if you come to us every 6 months to get your teeth cleaned or go to a dentist nearest to you should you come from abroad. 

Medical and Dental Tourism in South Africa

 After weeks of doing research on the internet stella decided that we were the best cosmetic clinic she could choose. She flew down immediately and met with Dr Huson and his team.

She was very unhappy with her smile for several reasons. Firstly, she had worn her teeth down considerably over the years through grinding. Her teeth became very short and stubby due to this. Secondly, Stella had a gummy smile which she disliked. This meant she showed more gum than teeth when smiling or talking. Thirdly, she had lost a number of teeth and was chewing on her gums or not chewing her food at all. Due to the years of neglect her bite had changed shape and her teeth looked "irreparable." 

Dr Huson used Digital Smile Design to predict the treatment outcome before it was even started. This made Stella even more comfortable as she knew exactly what she was going to get.  

Dr Huson's solution for Stella included dental implantscrown lengtheningdental crowns, bridges  and veneers

Dr Huson with the help of his highly skilled team opened her bite which changed her profile and smile line. Her smile was custom designed by our in house lab and through the latest technology called Digital Smile Design. At the end of the procedure we gave Stella a night guard to wear so that she won't grind her new teeth. 

Stella was ecstatic about the final result. She could not believe how natural her teeth looked. Stella could bite and chew her food again and most importantly her self esteem improved considerably thereby living a better quality of life.
The treatment, once planned didn't take a long time and proved to be fast, accurate and very comfortable with our pain free treatment. 
Stella was very happy that she made the journey all the way to South Africa to get her teeth done at our clinic. 

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Cosmetic dentistry in South Africa

A boom that has really taken off in recent years, is cosmetic dentistry in South Africa. South Africans are now privy to the latest in dental advancements to get their teeth into the best possible shape. Cosmetic dentistry is different from regular dentistry in that the dentist here is concerned with the appearance of the teeth. A cosmetic dentist can be described as an artist of sorts. Their skillset lies in being able to give people that yearned for, perfect smile. When teeth have gotten into bad shape from general wear and tear or through improper care, a cosmetic dentist is there to rectify this. Seeing as this is mostly irreversible it would be wise to choose a cosmetic dentist who has an excellent record of performing these procedures and has some level of expert training. There are many options for cosmetic dentistry in South Africa but when making your choice, it is best to go with a practice that keeps abreast with cutting edge technology. Advancements are made in the field all the time and for the most part will include treatments that are done faster and with better results.

Why do People want Cosmetic Dental Procedures Done?

Basically, to improve the appearance of their teeth. A smile is what conveys a friendly demeanour and having discoloured and misaligned teeth will take focus away from this. With all of the options available with cosmetic dentistry in South Africa, anyone can have good teeth, whether you have slight crookedness or if all of your teeth have fallen out. Cosmetic dental procedures bring back a person’s level of confidence. Having a warm and inviting smile opens you up in social situations. Being afraid of showing your teeth can lead to some awkward situations and give the impression that you are not totally up for any interaction. This can be a real hindrance in both a social and business setting. People in this predicament can now take advantage of cosmetic dentistry in South Africa and change their teeth and life for the better.

cost of cosmetic dentistry in south africa

The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry in South Africa

When compared to most other countries, cosmetic procedures are drastically cheaper in South Africa. Because of the very weak Rand your money goes so much further – allowing you to pay for a complete dental makeover and a luxury holiday in the sun for the price of only half your dental treatment at home. Combined with the high calibre of doctors and dentists available in the country, many people are making their way to get their cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dentistry in South Africa. It provides a 2 in one deal of having these procedures while taking a holiday. Due to the downtime and relaxation in this sunny country, any healing time that may be needed is also much faster. Cosmetic dentistry in South Africa is not covered by health/dental plans. This will have to be done on a cash payment basis or it can be covered with a payment plan. Since cosmetic dentistry is not vital but more of an optional process, a good way forward would be to just meet with a cosmetic dentist. This initial consult will give the dentist an idea of what needs to be done and the options that can be taken. This gives the patients a chance to review their options and formulate a plan of action. At Silver Oaks, we provide cosmetic imaging. This will give patients an idea of what can be achieved with the different options that can be taken forward. No amount of explanation from a cosmetic dentist does the justice of actually being able to physically see the improvement that can be made to the teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments in South Africa

People have an array of options when it comes to doing cosmetic dentistry in South Africa. The type of treatment will depend on the severity of the tooth degeneration. The cosmetic dentist will suggest the course forward in attaining perfect teeth.

If the tooth structure is healthy and the only change needs to be for more brightness then you can go with one of the most popular options of cosmetic dentistry in South Africa, teeth whitening. Over time, the colour of ones teeth will become duller and restoring colour leads to a more youthful look. In-office teeth whitening gives the best results as the gel and light combination is the most effective.

Again, if the tooth structure is intact and healthy, veneers can also be an option. A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that will be bonded to the front of the tooth. The colour, shape and size of the veneer can be manipulated to create a straighter and whiter smile. It is described as minimally invasive because a very minute portion on the front part of the tooth is shaved off. This space will then allow for the veneer to have a snug fit.

If a small portion of the tooth is decayed or chipped and a portion of it has to be removed, then this can be filled out with a dental filling. Once the filling is in, the decay no longer has a chance to eat its way further into the tooth.

If the damaged portion is larger, then a dental crown will be suggested. Unlike the veneer which covers the front of the tooth, the crown will encase the entire tooth. One of the latest offerings of cosmetic dentistry in South Africa is the option to have veneers and crowns done in a one day visit.

It may seem like technology from the future, but today, people who have lost a tooth or all of their teeth can have them replaced. This is possible with a dental implant. As the name suggests, a small titanium screw will be implanted into the root area of the tooth. Once this bonds firmly into the area, a crown will be attached to it. The end result is a normal looking tooth.

Straighter teeth no longer has to take years of uncomfortable metal braces and wires. The Inman Aligner is able to adjust the front teeth in a matter of weeks and is finally available through cosmetic dentistry in South Africa. They are removable and a cheaper option for straightening the teeth.Cosmetic Dentistry in South AfricaCosmetic Dentistry in South Africa

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Cosmetic Dentistry in South Africa