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Our case of the month focusses on Johannes's smile makeover. When we originally saw Johannes he couldn't chew properly and was embarrassed to smile. We did a full smile makeover to improve his confidence and quality of life.

Johannes had a bite that was severely worn down. We placed Dental Implants in all the gaps of his teeth. In order to place the Implants, we had to do a thorough examination as to the amount of healthy bone available. We had to also assess risk factors and make use of 3-D scans in order to evaluate the situation ensuring optimal success. Every Dental Implant case is unique. Johannes's case was very complex.

We had to re-adjust his bite so that he could chew properly. We also re-positioned some of his teeth so that when he smiled it looked natural. Johannes's full smile makeover took about 3 months to complete. Temporary crowns were placed. This enabled us to evaluate his bite and the aesthetics of the case. Temporary crowns were added so that Johannes could see if he liked the look before we permanently place the crowns on the Dental Implants.

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