Top 3 tips for Date Night this Valentine’s Day

Oral Hygiene Date Night Tips

You always want to make sure you look your best for Valentines Day and are kiss ready but most importantly allowing your partner to have a pleasant conversation leaning in and being as close to you as possible on date night.

A person can look great and have a fantastic personality but if that person has bad breath or an unhygienic appearance with regards to their teeth this could be preventing them from finding a spouse or allowing them for their date to say yes to a second date all together.

Top tips for date night include the following:

Start by brushing your teeth before you leave the house. Brush thoroughly including your tongue as it harbours the most number of germs. Use a tongue scraper if need be. Floss your teeth and use a mouth rinse. You can visit your dentist to fix any broken chipped, decayed or missing teeth weeks before valentines or any date night for that matter. You can also whiten your teeth giving it a more clean and youthful appearance.

On date night remember that eating certain foods can cause bad breath such as garlic, onions and other spices. Remember to think twice what you eat during date night especially if you want to leave a positive impression with your date. Snack on apples and other healthy fruit and veggies and eat food containing mint and parsley which help bad breath and probiotic foods.

Other date night tips

  • Use an oxygenated mouthwash
  • Avoid eating alot of candy. Keep it moderate.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Chew on fresh mint leaves or parsley
  • Remember to keep cheese and cow’s milk (if you not lactose intolerant) a part of your nutrition diet intake in order to keep your teeth white.
  • Have some red in your outfit – makes a women more attractive.
  • Make sure you groom yourself well. Which includes washed hair and some light makeup to accentuate your features as a women.
  • Gift ideas for a man include a Cologne or great electric shaver. For women a day at the spa is a real treat.

We have given you tips for Valentine’s Day but honestly the teeth tips can be used as part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Your teeth and gums depend on being consistent and brushing and flossing twice a day and going for regular cleanings to your dentist. Also fixing any problems with your teeth. Straighter teeth harbour less bacteria keeping your teeth clean and lasting you a lifetime.

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