Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants 

A recent patient that came to us to have full mouth dental implants. 

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth Dental Implants 2

Full mouth dental implants 3

Dental implants replace diseased, damaged or missing teeth from root to the actual tooth. You can achieve a brand new set of teeth that is lengthened and/or straightened and changed to the colour of your choice. One that fits well with your face shape and colour of your skin.

full mouth of dental implants is life changing and requires no maintenance. You just have to brush and floss like the way you do with your real set of teeth. 

Although inexpensive bridges and dentures are another option, in the long term they are a more expensive option as you will need to change them every 5 years. Dentures are also removable and lack the comfort and stability of dental implants. Dentures can become loose and embrass you should they fall out whilst talking. Dentures usually change in shape as you lose more bone due to not having any teeth or implants holding the bone. You will need to maintain dentures every 5 years which becomes more costly in the long run. Bone loss makes one look over 10 years older due to the lack of muscle and skin support which increases wrinkles.  Dental implants are attached to the bone in your jaw therefore The American Academy of Periodontology reccomends a full mouth of dental implants over dentures or bridges in order to maintain bone and dental health. 

A recent patient named Hachimi underwent a full mouth of dental implants. Hachimi came to us with implants that were placed from some other dentist. He was not happy with these implants and needed a dental makeover. When Dr Huson analysed his teeth for a full mouth of dental implants he discovered that Hachimi had an unpleasant prosthesis which was very difficult to clean and didnt fit his mouth structure and appearance. They were unhygienic and was very unhappy with such a situation. 

We removed the implants that were failing and replaced them with the latest technology. We offered him the best dental implants from the most pronominent manufacturers in the industry so that it lasts Hachimi a lifetime and so that he wont have any problems with his full set of dental implants. 

We replaced the dental implants with new dental implants in better positions, according to Digital Smile Design (DSD) principles. Digital smile Design is the latest technology using digitization to design your teeth according to your face shape. You are able to see the potential results before they are carried out and you can then tell the dental surgeon if you would like to go ahead with that. It is an extremly useful tool to help you achieve your desired look. 

Hachimi wore temporary teeth which gave him a chance to look and feel the functionality and the aesthetic look before the final fit. After the finals were placed the bite and position was re-checked and adjustments were made to make sure he was happy with the results. 

The end result of Hachimi's treatment was a corrected smile and a stable bite which allowed him to smile, laugh and talk confidently. He is one of the many happy customers at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic. Dr Huson is an expert in Dental Implants. Patients from all over the world come to him to get their implants done as he worked for many years in the Harley Street Region of London placing celebrities implants. Dr Huson has placed over 1500 implants all with excellent results using the latest tools in smile design and the best manufacturers in the world. 

Full mouth dental implants