Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

 Is Teeth Whitening Good?

Many people would like their teeth whitened but are afraid of the side effects. So the question we ask is teeth whitening safe? Does teeth bleaching damage enamel? 

The results are guaranteed if done by a qualified dentist. According to the American Dental Association the bleaching ingredient carbamide peroxide is approved according to American standards and is both safe and effective. It won’t damage your enamel of your teeth neither is it cancer causing.

Keep in mind that there are minor side effects. This all depends on the concentration of carbamide peroxide used. If used at 15% at home every night for 14 nights then you should have very little irritation and sensitivity. The in office bleaching on the chair with a laser will cause a little more sensitivity and irritation as a dentist uses higher concentrations carbamide peroxide which is at 35%. That is why our treatment is a 14-day treatment at 15% carbamide peroxide followed by 35% carbamide peroxide in office bleach.

A common side effect of teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. That is why we use 15% so that you will get less sensitivity. We find that rubbing some Colgate pro-sensitive or Sensodyne pro-repair on the teeth will help the sensitivity and also if you take a pain killer. This sensitivity usually doesn’t last very long and should subside in one or two day’s time. Another wise thing to ask your dentist if you have very sensitive teeth to give you a high concentration of fluoride several days before starting the teeth bleaching.

The best place to whiten your teeth is at a dentist. It is both safe and effective and you can go up to 9 shades whiter. It is the most effective treatment as compared to any other dental treatment. It is not good to get your teeth whitened at spas, cruise ships and salons. It is only safe at a dentist’s office due to the dentist conducting an exam before or prescribing a teeth whitening treatment. A dentist will make sure there are no broken or decayed teeth.

There are patients that get worried if the teeth whitening bleach will affect their dental amalgam or silver fillings. We have chosen to discontinue dental amalgam and silver fillings as we offer the latest technology. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) assures that it is not a real health issue. Not only is dental amalgam benign in its mercury content, but the bleach will not destroy other dental restorations like crowns and implants. It will also not have any effect on white colour fillings; it might slightly whiten the fillings. 

There are many blogs and natural ways to whiten teeth online but through research you should know that putting strawberry, coconut or lemon paste on your teeth will damage the enamel in the long term. Fruit acid wears away the top enamel making your teeth look whiter underneath in the short term. When enamel is worn away by acid, teeth begin to look worn, old, and discolored.

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